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Healthcare Professionals doing the same thing that they are doing now will not work.

Designing healthcare information systems to duplicate the existing "paper" and "brain" power will not work.

It is not the "tools" that are important...it is knowing "how to use the tools".


Don’t stand in the doorway
Don’t block the hall
For he that gets hurt
Will be he who has stalled...
For the times they are
Bob Dylan 1963

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Healthcare: The easiest Service to Market and the hardest to Manage

InHCc is a Healthcare Management Information System (HMIS) Software Developer and International Healthcare Management Consulting company that offers cost-effective and practical integrated solutions to a wide range of healthcare professionals and organizations.

Badly managed projects, no matter how good the concept or the project may be in themselves, will always fail. With good management, the programs will have a chance to succeed and... become sustainable.  In order to manage... managers need to "use" information.

Some individuals talk about computers and computers systems as if they are the solution to all their problems.

Other individuals create long lists of indicators (without any idea as to how to use these indicators or how to manage them). While measuring Indicators produce what we call "Oh Wow" data, it does little to help improve health care and the health status of the individual. Indicators are "after the fact " and does little to help the Healthcare professional predict the needs and to provide the correct care to their clients.

Contrary to almost every "brochure," there are NOT silos of "Useful Information" in Healthcare. There are silos of "data" but very few useable management variables .

The local retail department shop knows more about their clients than the healthcare professional.

The InHCc HMIS is the only known HMIS system that collects and analyses extensive social and economic data that can be used in all forms of healthcare, public health, and research.

If you do not collect the data, you cannot manage the processes of production.

Cost containment is implemented by operating more efficiently and efficiently…Not by cutting "costs".

Here at InHCc, we feel that data is a requirement for the management of any organization and our website is a vital part of dissimulating this information to those that welcome it. You cannot effectively manage an organization without BOTH the "Healthcare Intelligence" and the "Management Techniques" required.

Information technology (IT) can radically change the way we manage information and should enable radical and fundamental "changes" in business processes.

It is not sufficient to "duplicate" existing processes (and in most cases) you do NOT want to do duplicate what the healthcare professional is now doing.

Many Organizations want to develop systems to do “exactly what they are doing now” instead of developing systems that will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of what they are doing…i.e.…to make changes where they are needed.

The "management of data", information, knowledge and processes is the new focus on "Information Resource Management ."

We at InHCc endeavor to be more practical then theoretical in this web site by offering examples and case studies of "how" these information systems can be used.

At a time when some think only more money will keep the Health System afloat, InHCc can show that more is not necessary, that with better management, less is likely needed.